Tikki – Donor and Non-Profit Platform

The Challenge

Through initial interviews, we discovered non-profit organisations want to build stronger engagement with their donors and need more efficient means of measuring impact of development projects. Through quantitative research we also uncovered that donors want more transparency from non-profits and real-time feedback from initiatives they have supported. From these insights, the design opportunity for this project was: “how might donors discover projects of interest and see their impact so that they can be involved and feel connected in creating positive change”.

The Approach

During the discovery phase, I facilitated a series of workshops to ideate concepts with the team. Low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes were developed throughout the design process, ranging from storyboards to digital prototypes to working software. These prototypes were tested with both donors and non-profits (including office staff and on-field staff from overseas).

The Outcome

The Tikki solution focuses on showing donors’ impact, assuring them 100% of their donations goes to the cause. Donors are empowered to choose the project they want to support, in any country. This means donors know exactly what they are funding and how their contribution is helping improve people’s lives. In addition, donors can feel engaged and close to the projects as they receive stories and updates on progress, bringing donors and non-profits together for the biggest impact.

Nine months after the first ideation workshop, an MVP was launched. As the solution is currently in its beta phase, we are receiving feedback from our early adopters. In parallel, we are continually testing new concepts and optimising the user experience.