Move in All Directions

Digital billboards to be displayed at the corner of Flinders and Elizabeth streets, Melbourne for the 2020 Fivex Art Prize  (exhibition delayed due to COVID19).

My bespoke artwork pays tribute to the unique location of the billboards themselves at the corner of Flinders and Elizabeth streets – home to the only diagonal crossing in Melbourne.

As I stand at this intersection, I am captivated by the fluid movement of people as they break from the boundaries of the perpendicular lines of a city grid. The Escher-inspired, topsy-turvy world I’ve depicted builds on this idea, showing us the limitless freedom of taking the unconventional path.

Drawing inspiration from the geometric wonders of Melbourne’s iconic architecture, I also wanted to excite viewers as they see themselves through individually-drawn people immersed in our vibrant city, looking at it at different angles. Ultimately, building their connection with public art and the urban environment.

Like a powerful queen on a chessboard or a weightless astronaut in space, I invite us all to move in all directions.